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U.S Traders on IQ option

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IQ options are one of the trading options mostly used in dozens of countries. In South Africa, it has gained a lot of popularity, and many South African traders are choosing to trade on IQ options over any other trading options.

This is because IQ option trading is very secure, very simple to understand and very user-friendly. IQ option brokers give traders very many trading platforms to trade their binary options in. There are multiple choices of trading tools and numerous services South African traders choose from when trading on IQ options.

IQ option trading has a very unique and very modern trading techniques that are a preference for many traders.

Nevertheless, IQ option is not regarded as a major or a highly recognised trading tool in the USA. It is only used as a division tool for trading, but not regarded as a basic tool.

Foreign brokers willing to trade in USA IQ trading option are regulated by the CySEC which is not recognised by the laws of the US. CySEC is located in Nicosia which is a city in Cyprus. It only offers services to European and Russian traders, but not to US traders. It is very advanced and gives all those trading in binary options a wide selection of services. It provides a well-detailed website to its traders, and the website is in both English and Russian.

However, there are IQ options offers only available to traders from the USA. They have been specifically designed to suit the needs of US users.

For granted, there are other trading platforms with different names for US traders on IQ option. There are two main IQ option trading accounts: the VIP account and the real account.

US traders have other trading platforms, like TraderThunder US brokers. This is one of the most trusted IQ option broker widely used by US traders.

The TraderThunder US broker has features that are interesting to use and offers high bonuses. They have very innovative platforms for trading and are gaining more and more popularity with traders.

It gives traders guidelines on how to trade in binary options and makes predictions how the trading trends look like. It is also capable of competing with other trading options and promises good profit to the traders. Many US traders who have used this platform have made huge sums of money and garnered lots of profits.

Why is it so hard for US traders to use the IQ option?

Questions have been raised as to why US traders cannot use the IQ option trading platform. Some have been advised to use proxy servers from other states that are allowed to use the IQ option. However, this is not permitted.

Only regulated brokers are allowed to use and trade in binary options. It is very important for US traders to use only these regulated traders.

Brokers regulated by CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) are the only brokers allowed by US law to trade in binary options.  The laws are very strict and any overseas broker or trader who wants to trade on IQ options has to go through those brokers regulated by CFTC. Many overseas traders find this cumbersome and opt not to register with these regulated brokers.

Despite the overwhelming presence of binary options traders, US traders cannot register with any other broker, except the only brokers regulated by US laws. This puts restrictions on the amount of trading they can do. Their only options are either to sign up with the regulated brokers or to look for brokers from overseas willing to trade for them.

CFTC has very strict laws. Brokers that accept these rules face very tough and demanding laws to guide them.

A CFTC regulated broker does not offer direct binary options.  What he does is connecting traders using the binary option. They do not profit anything from the trader’s losses. Their earnings come from applying a fee from the investments made by the traders.

The USA laws have all these strict laws to protect the traders from unscrupulous brokers. Other brokers want to benefit from your losses. Brokers are strictly on demand to keep all their clients’ money in accounts that are only run by renowned US banks. Customer accounts should be strictly separate from broker accounts. This is to ensure that your money is not lost in case a broker goes bankrupt or files for bankruptcy.

The dangers of trading with an unregulated broker are in losing all your money if the broker goes bankrupt.

The other advantage of using regulated brokers is the fact that they offer more reliable security when it comes to your finances.

Brokers are heavily vetted by the government before they are allowed to trade on anyone’s behalf. A broker has to meet all the required standards and has to have full disclosure of his financial standards.

CFTC helps minimise untrustworthy brokers and is one reason why many foreign brokers choose not to undergo through all the scrutiny.

Few binary options brokers are registered with the CFTC. These few are however very well versed with IQ options and they offer quality services to their clients.


IQ options are becoming very popular in South Africa because there aren’t as many regulations for South African traders as there are for US traders on IQ option.

Furthermore, there are very many brokers in the South African trading market and everyone willing to trade has the advantage of selecting a broker from a wide selection.

The difference between the USA binary trading market and the South African market is that, anyone in South Africa can start trading. US traders have to deal with limitations and can only trade with regulated brokers. These are very few, compared to brokers and traders in South Africa.

South African traders are also in a better position because they can trade directly without using any brokers.

All in all, IQ options are a great trading tool no matter where you are.

Author info:
Author: Kungawo
Kungawo is from: South Africa, Cape Town
Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions