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Top 5 binary Options Beginner tips for trading success

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice.

Are you living in South Africa and wondering how you can become a binary option South African trader? This binary investment market is open to all potential investors from all continents. binary options traders receive 60-90% investment returns on foreign currencies compared to foreign exchange traders who receive 10%. All one needs are a computer, reliable internet, adequate capital and a skilled investment broker, ideally in South Africa.

Learning the basics

A binary option is a financial obligation whereby the expected appreciation value of an asset is projected on a future date. The term ‘binary’ implies that the investor either receives the predicted returns if the market favours his prediction, or loses his investment if he predicted wrongly. Let’s assume an investor anticipates the price of oil to be $110 dollars a barrel after 2 weeks. He proceeds to purchase 5 binary options at $25 dollars per option, with the knowledge that each option yields $100. After a fortnight, the price of oil per barrel shoots up to $115 dollars, how much does the investor receive in profits?

The total cost of the investment was ($25X$5) =$125

The total returns on the binary options ($100X5) =$500

Net Profit = Gross Profit-Investment ($500-$125) = $375

Below are practical and proven top 5 binary options beginner tips that will enable you to make sound investment decisions in South Africa.

1.     Do extensive research
Gathering and analysing relevant information on a company’s product performance in the market and financial performance on the stock exchange provides clarity in decision making. It will also enable you to discover new commodities or currencies to diversify into for higher returns.  Develop a habit of reading business newspapers because they provide in-depth, credible and current information on national, regional and global economic events.

Relying on comprehensive research findings will enable you to make accurate predictions of an asset’s future performance.  Thanks to research analysis, you will become more enlightened on how economic forces such as inflation, booms and busts alter market cycles that are significant determinants of the future value of an investment. Carrying out effective research will enable you to discern false information meant to dupe traders because you can analyse information using the bulk of collected facts and statistics.

2.     Sign up for a demo account
A demo account is similar to an ordinary binary options trading account except the investor uses virtual currency as capital. Any returns earned from successful binary options trades are also converted to virtual currency.  Demo binary options accounts are quite affordable. Signing up for an online demo binary options account ensures you get a first-hand trading experience that’s unavailable on books and printed literature. It also enables you to implement strategies and witness real-life results compared to executing them theoretically.

Some binary options traders have found their preferred trading commodities after trial and error encounters with different items in the market. Potential binary options traders can use the demo account experience to hone their confidence for as long as they need until they are ready to step into the real market. 

3.     Avoid making unnecessary risks
binary options trading can offer high investment returns within a matter of weeks or days.  Devious financial analysts provide fake statistics with the intention of dumping binary options traders for illegal profits. The lure of fast returns shouldn’t blind an investor’s decision to making uninformed purchases that will likely lead to high losses.  Sometimes unnecessary risking is triggered by huge unexpected losses. This unfortunate event drives a devastated investor into making uninformed and hasty trades in an effort to recoup the lost capital.

All assets traded in the binary options market are subject to the push and pull of national and global economic forces. Financial consultants in South Africa have a greater understanding of how market dynamics work, and their economic impact on your investments. Always consult your investment broker to help you understand financial trends and formulate the best strategy for maximising returns on investment in South Africa.

4.     Take advantage of short trades
Market options with expiry durations that are less than 24 hours are more likely to yield expected returns compared to offers with longer expiry periods. An expiry in binary options trading is the duration an investor has to either increase or reverse his binary options’ purchases. However, caution should be exercised whenever coming across new offers.

Dubious financial analysts willingly build up hype about high expected returns on a particular asset, with the intention of tricking investors into purchasing the options. These hyped trades have usually long expiry periods. When unsuspecting binary options traders invest heavily in the commodity, the dubious analysts patiently wait for the strike price to fall below the predicted value. When it finally happens, the victims mourn their losses while the conniving financial experts rake in huge amounts in the form of commissions.

5.     Develop an unquenchable thirst for knowledge
Actively seek out veteran binary option South African brokers on social media and respective websites. One advantage of attending binary option seminars and workshops is they offer favourable opportunities to link with successful South African traders who may offer mentorship. Look for binary options websites that offer subscriptions for you to receive notifications on educational material such as podcasts, blog posts and webinars. This habit will enable you to formulate sound trading strategies that are based on current information that’s unavailable to complacent traders.

Networking with fellow novices in South Africa will enlighten you on the trading mistakes to avoid interactions. One also receives regular motivation from fellow members in the group. These groups can provide excellent platforms to share and equip potential traders with adequate information for successful trading.

Final thoughts

By implementing the above top 5 binary options beginner tips, you will fast track your success as a South African trader. binary options trading is an amazing avenue for earning passive income for South African traders engaged in full-time career jobs.  In addition, it provides a relatively safer investment platform because all potential returns are losses laid out in advance before any trade is made.  It is also easy to learn since no financial or math-related knowledge is required for one to become a successful binary options trader. 

Visit an honest and passionate investment broker in South Africa to receive the best guidance on investment making decisions.

Author info:
Author: Kungawo
Kungawo is from: South Africa, Cape Town
Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions