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This or That: How IQ Option Stands Against Its Binary Option Competitors

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice.

Do you want to finally start making money from binary options? Are you tired of trying strategy after strategy without success? Do you wish you could step away from your investments and still earn money?

If you answered yes to any of the above I’d like you to see how IQ options stand up against its binary options competitors.

Binary options are almost as hot of a topic as cryptocurrency. They’re a relatively new financial instrument. This is good news for traders who are still looking for a broker.

The world of exotic options trading is no longer the wild west. You can find a reputable broker with reasonable fees.

But remember, all investment comes with risk. Binary options offer just as big of risks as rewards. Never invest more than you can lose.

By the end of this presentation, you’ll be able to beat your last winning streak with a simple strategy using IQ Options…

How IQ Options Works

IQ option is a fresh company that came on the scene only 5 years ago. Since launching in 2014 the platform has over 20 million accounts and growing.

So what makes IQ Options the favored platform among other binary option competitors?

Unlike some brokers with complicated plans and services, IQ Options only has 3 plans.

They offer the best free demo account with access to all the same features as paid memberships. IQ Options lets you refresh your funds whenever you want to practice trading.

A standard active account only requires a minimum $10 deposit. If you have over $3,000 in your account you’re eligible for a VIP account where you’ll have access to a dedicated personal finance manager to assist in trades.


Does the binary options broker you’re looking into have all the assets you want to trade?

IQ Options has branched out into many other alternative investment tools like Forex and cryptocurrency.

You can trade all your favorite financial instruments without having to leave the IQ Options interface.

Educational Resources

IQ Option excels at providing informational videos on how to use their products. Every trading pattern has a video on how it works.

Spotting trends before other traders are what separates the successful from the unsuccessful investors. They also hold tournaments using virtual money, so you can compete against other players without losing real money.

This is a great way to compare your strategies to other traders. Get the experience of years of trading in a fraction of the time.

How Safe Is Your Money?

The Cypress Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) ensures every IQ Option account up to a certain amount.

Even if IQ Option goes bankrupt tomorrow, you could still recoup a large portion of your losses.

They comply with all legal restrictions regarding the trading of binary options so you can trust that your money is going through a legitimate company.

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The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Why IQ Option Is the Best Option for Beginners

IQ Option’s demo account is the perfect educational tool regardless of what platform you decide on.

IQ Option has one of the most customizable interfaces available to traders. Their custom platform lets you add up to 13 different indicators to your charts.

And most traders actually prefer their lightning fast app for on the go training. You have every tool the desktop version has available at your fingertips.

Stop chaining yourself to your desktop computer. Take back your freedom and empower yourself with the most advanced training platform for binary options.

How IQ Option Makes it Easy

Do you want to spend more time making money and less time sifting through financial news?

IQ Option’s advanced interface makes trading feel like a video game. You can set the application to send you trade alerts, highlight your winnings, and customize your graphs.

Your success as a trader depends on your research. If you’re using the wrong charts to base your trades on, you could be sabotaging your whole strategy.

IQ Option makes it easy by providing 4 types of charts to choose from:

  • Candles
  • Bars
  • Heiken-Ashi

The Secret to More Money with Less Work

The addition of Heiken-Ashi is great for options traders making longer-term trades. It’s like having a trading expert sitting next to you pointing out the trends in a traditional candle chart.

Heiken-Ashi is based off candlestick charts but smooths out the formations by averaging the opening and closing price. You won’t get exact open/close prices but the trends jump out at you as soon as you open your chart.

It’s easy to fall prey to false signals using candlestick charts because of the constant price fluctuations. If you use candlesticks to base your trades on and are disappointed in your gains, you might be giving in to false signals instead of following the real trend.

You can use the smooth curves of the Heiken-Ashi chart to plan longer term trades that will free you from your news cycle addiction.

You’ll be able to spot trends like a pro while spending more time doing what you love. You can spend a fraction of the time doing research and still be more aware of trends than if you only used candlesticks.

Set notifications so trading becomes even more second nature. You can execute a trade straight from your smartphone and check your charts again for any updates.

Getting Started

Double your profits WITHOUT spending another PENNY on a bad broker.

Isn’t that what every investor wants?

Amanda was just an average sales manager before her husband gave up on his binary options trading account.

After just a few months of trial and error, she was able to parlay the initial $150 account to over $15,000 using what she learned from basic trading guides.

To start making bigger gains and begin to enjoy trading today, open an IQ Option account and start profiting today! If you’re still hesitant about trading binary options, remember you can always start out with a demo account. Try out the different charts and indicators to see what mix works best for your investment goals.

Try it now!

Author info:
Author: Kungawo
Kungawo is from: South Africa, Cape Town
Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions