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Options Trading, a beginners guide – Best tips and tricks

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Day Traders are handling many different accounts. This is first of all their own accounts, a possible employer (if he’s got one), and customers’ accounts at a normal broker. Most common things in a Day Trader resume are placing orders, checking trade confirmations, checking for news on the financial market, reading and analysing reports, putting in orders to be executed when the trading market opens up again, and closing positions before the end of the day.

All this has Matthew O’Connor already done in years, and he is first of all added to our board of trading experts. He has also written a very popular book for beginners in options trading. There seems to be a lot of interest in learning to trade from home, and especially in the options trading market. This book is a combination of the basics in options trading and new techniques to use in the trading market.

The author of the book is Matthew O’Connor who works as a freelance in Londong as Professional Day Trader.

Matthew has been working with IQ Option South Africa since 2016, as a trading expert and blogger.

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