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Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions.

IQ Option login

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In IQ Option South Africa is getting really popular as trading platform. If you already have a user, the easiest way to get started, is just to go to the IQ Option Login page, where you have to fill in your username or email, and the password you choose. It is also possible to login with your social media sites like Facebook, and even with your Google account.

Loggin in with one of these two makes the login process much easier, especially if you are trading from your mobile phone and using the IQ Option Trading App. Discover thousands of trading and investment opportunities with IQ Option, and get a good start in trading with a demo account. This way you can try out the different ways to trade and see how it works.

IQ Option has grown on the market, and is one of the biggest brokers on the markets at the moment. On IQ Option to trade stocks, options, forex, trypto, indices, commodities and ETF’s on IQ Option. They member count is now more than 20 millions, and still increasing every day. The trading options are expanding all the time to fulfill all needs. Recently has CFD on Stocks and EFT’s been added. Since IQ Option started in 2014, the platform has been updated many times with many new features. To get more out of your trades when you login, you can see some good trading facts right here.

If you are tempted to see what IQ Option is about, you should see this short video, and feel the thrill of trading Forex, CFD and ETF.

IQ Option site registration

IQ option offers the South African traders a very friendly interface that makes it easy to register and start using the services offered. A trader does not have to be a guru in IT for being able to register on the site. Simple computer skills will be enough. After visiting the IQ Option website,, the “register” button is conspicuous on the page. A trader will be required to enter a few fields, which are first name, the last name and an active email address. By email, an activation code will be sent so that the trader can use it to make his/her account active and ready to trade. After the account has been activated, the trader will be taken to the IQ Option platform. A new trader to binary options may click on “How to Trade” at the top right corner of the page. A systematic tutorial will appear. It has simple iterations, which a trader can read and understand how to trade with ease. However, if a trader has registered a demo account, he/she will not have access to several assets and other interesting features. However, the demo account is enough to understand the platform and to decide whether or not to begin real trade and make profits. After a successful registration and activation of his/her account, a trader can now log in and start trading.

IQ Option login is simple

When traders use an app or visit a website to trade stocks, binary Options or Forex, then some of them report frustrations and disappointments posed by the ever elusive log in page. Some even resort to other sites that offer similar services if they find it hard to log into a particular site. The IQ Option log in is easy and fun to use. The login field and the registration field are different so as to give traders in South Africa an easy time. Though both sites require a trader to enter an email address and a password, the registration field requires a trader to enter a password twice for conformation. In this manner, a South African trader cannot accidentally attempt to register via the login page.

Traders can use an external account

IQ Option login enables traders to log into their site through the use of a third party account. Such accounts include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If a trader in South Africa happens to forget the password or the login details, the site is structured in such a way that the trader can access his trading site via third party account details.


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The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Advice to traders in South Africa

If you are new on IQ Option and want to get some more knowledge  about trading, forex and how to To Diversifying Stocks, before you login and start trading, it’s a good idea and make some research. IQ Option offers a platform with a difference. The IQ Option log in requires traders to provide an email address or a user name so as to access his/her site. The challenge comes in when a trader forgets his/her username and only remembers the email address. IQ Option will always allow traders in South Africa to log in using their email addresses so long as they can correctly input their email addresses. Moreover, if a trader happens to forget a password, it is easy to retrieve by following the simple steps spelt out on the login page. In order to enable users to type their password correctly, IQ Option log in page has a feature that enables them to see the characters as they type. The show password checkbox can be triggered by the trader and he/she will get to see whether the password he/she is typing is the correct one. The checkbox is always unchecked by default and it is the trader to check it if there is a need to see the password. The IQ Option mobile app could be a tricky feature for the traders who have complex keyboards on their phones. Pressing the wrong key is a very likely event and this could be frustrating, especially if the trader wants to do some business in haste. The IQ Option login page always warns the trader if the caps lock is on. This is another way to avoid entering wrong passwords. Traders are also forewarned that their account will be blocked temporarily if they enter the incorrect password for a consecutive number of times. This feature has been put in place so as to ensure the traders’ security. Moreover, a trader can remain logged in for as long as he/she desires so as to save her/him from login in again and again.


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Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions