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IQ Option – binary Options – FAQ

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It isn’t a secret that the way to successful binary options trading is the implementation of an effective method. And with the assistance of the IQ Options trading platform, creating a trading methods has become easier. The platform gives you the leverage of deriving information from a wide range of educational resources such as webinars, eBooks, videos, tutorials and much more. The interface has been designed considering the requirements of the traders. The materials available here come free of charge and cover a range of topics. Besides, the newbie will find many details that are particularly defined for their better understanding of binary options trading. But this doesn’t mean that the experienced South African traders get nothing. They too can explore sufficient information for themselves. IQ Option Trading platform can help you become a better trader.

Can you trust IQ Option?
Finding a good binary options broker is not a cake walk for some. Particularly, new South African traders find it even more difficult to realise what exactly defines a good binary options broker. A trustworthy binary options trading broker is a combination of secure banking, accurate data, no hidden fees and a secure platform. Significantly, IQ Option scores high on these aspects.

What security measures does IQ Option take?
It uses the best encoding mechanism, that is, the SSL protocol. This helps in irradiating the chance of intercepting data. Also, IQ Option employs a strict verification process for each withdrawal method that demands proof of submission of identity along with a photo of the withdrawer.

Will you get what you have signed for?
Security of the investment being the primary concern, this is one amongst the essential binary Options – Frequently Asked Questions. Since there are no hidden fees, you will get what you deserve and signed for. Payouts are paid as promised.

Can you really get success with this binary options trading broker?
With an IQ Option binary options trading South Africa broker this is absolutely possible. As reported, it offers an average payout of somewhere around 80%. In order to get success with such a huge payout, you should try winning at 55% of your trade. With binary options providing two possibilities to invest in (rising and falling prices), the trader in South Africa has a 50% chance to win a random bet. On the other hand, technical analysis and experience add more to the winning possibilities.

Why there are quotes on the platform even during the weekend?
Even when the market is closed, the IQ Option platform allows traders on over the counter instruments. This means that the deal will be made directly between both parties without making it public. Therefore, quotes are unique.

What is likely to happen if the price of expiration is similar to the level of the acquisition of the asset?
If that happens, then the option value will return to the South African traders.

What is the use of Japanese Candlesticks in binary Options Trading at IQ Option?

If you see any chart, describing the movement of the asset’s price over time, then you might have come across a Japanese Candlesticks chart. Usually, this shows the opening and the closing price of an asset. The green candle represents an increase in the price, whereas the red candle denotes the fall. Knowing them will help you identify the change in price by how much and in which direction.

What are trend lines?
Trend lines display one line right above the price of the asset, whereas the other below it. Both lines develop a trending corridor that represents lower and upper values, respectively. This will let you know when the asset’s price reaches the upper line and when it goes down.

How useful is the Three Black Crows binary trading method at IQ Option?
The Three Black Crows method usually looks for a trend reversal. However, to make it useful, you should try to figure out an asset with many candlesticks in a particular line, showing the movement of price in a certain direction. You should wait till the reversal of the movement so that you can get started with trading.

Why is Rainbow method used?
This is one of the other important IQ Option binary Options – Frequently Asked Questions. Since it involves a complex procedure, it often misunderstood. Put simply, it exploits the exponential averages, wherein three of them need to be used with different tenure. This method will help you find out the potential fall. When trying to figure it out, look for the below mentioned:

The yellow line under the blue line
The red line at the bottom, and
The blue line right above the yellow and red line

When you see that both the yellow and blue lines intersect, know that it is the right time to place PUT (see the next FAQ).

What is PUT and CALL in binary Options Trading?
These are options that are used in trading. CALL is used if the trader in South Africa predicts an increase in the value of the asset, whereas PUT is placed where a reduction in the value is anticipated.

How many languages are available at IQ Option binary options trading?
Well, almost all. You may even select your preferred language to find the information on the IQ Option platform.

What return do you receive in case the option loses?
This remains one of the most crucial binary Options – Frequently Asked Questions As specified you will get insurance in case of loss.

Is there any minimum deposit amount?
The South African traders can trade with as little as $10 on IQ Option.

How much time will it take for the withdrawal of funds?
Normally, withdrawal requests are put into the process in three working days.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
10 USD is the minimum withdrawal amount.

From a South Africa trader’s perspective, one should never trade unless his or her method is proven in the demo mode. IQ Option is one such binary options trading broker that offer a demo account to test and analyse your method.

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Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions