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IQ Option APP: All you need to know

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If you are considering binary options trading, finding the right website or app to trade is probably one of the difficult things. There are so many choices out there. That is why reviewing the sites are necessary. IQ Option is one of the most trusted binary options brokers today. It first sprang up in the year 2012 and over these years, it has won a considerable number of investors. In fact, the IQ Option app always gets favourable reviews. A lot of traders have received a good amount as rewards by using this app.

The IQ Option app provides a maximum return of 91%, which is pretty high compared to others. And the best part is that you can make an investment of as small as $10. Regulated by CYSEC, this platform offers a stand-alone demo account. There are many interactive learning tools at your disposal. You will be provided with educational materials in the form of videos and text. Each of these resources helps in understanding binary options trading closely. IQ Option accepts traders from almost all countries, including South Africa.

Using the App on Mobile

IQ Option app is available for all android and iOS mobile phones. Since 2013, the app has been leading in developing innovative technologies. A Russian broker and the team have been employed to apply their skills to create effective features for the app to make the platform easy to use. A feature-laden app is expected to work effectively in providing detailed information to the trader about binary options. And the IQ Option application stands distinguished in the crowd.

This app is indeed an extremely efficient mobile app. It is very user-friendly and this is one of the biggest selling points. Most apps need you to be an experienced trader and have a good understanding of the intricacies of the trading market. It is only then that you will be able to use their app to the fullest.

However, this isn’t the case with IQ Option. Anyone can use this app, regardless of his/her experience. As a matter of fact, the newbie can make the best possible use of this broker to succeed in trading as it is jargon free. At the same time, it is very powerful and is suitable for the experienced traders.

The app is designed to simplify the binary options trading process. That is why it is preferred more by the South African traders over the website. It comes with a comprehensive range of features. Therefore, you can do everything that you should do in order to successfully trade. The features include:

  • Ability to analyse the assets’ price to let the traders in South Africa generate signals while making profitable predictions.
  • The graphs are very easy to read with a high level of detailing
  • Placing a trade is very easy as you need to click a few simple tabs
  • The app comes with an advanced user interface
  • Everything loads fast
  • Superb aesthetics along with incredible functionality

IQ Option app might give you a feel of playing on a betting gaming app. In case, you have used those gaming apps, getting a hang of this innovative trading app will be easier for you. This new binary options trading app is all about making an accurate forecast. However, when it comes to trusting a trading app you cannot ignore the risk involved. You might end up losing a lot of money if the predictions go wrong. So, you need to be extremely cautious while making your selection regarding a broker.

Another concern is your security. Regarding that, the IQ Option app is secure, ensuring your money as well as your personal data. Besides that, it offers time to time notifications, so that you can participate in the tournaments while keeping a tab on the price trends.

Downloading the IQ Option App

The app is available on both, Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. All these years South African traders have been using the desktop for trading. But with this new-age app, trading has now become far easier. With the IQ Option app, you can easily browse through everything that you required to know, no matter where you are.

Sign Up for the IQ Option App

The signing up page is quite straightforward and can be understood easily. You will have to fill a simple online form and then verify your identity by giving some personal information. As promised, your personal data will be kept secured, so you need not worry. Initially, it would just need a deposit of $10 to get started. And this is the lowest deposit that you will ever come across when trading. Well, you can invest more if you wish so as to see how well it works.

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The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Account and Banking

The IQ Option app provides different types of accounts to sign up for. However, which one you choose will depend on your trading objective and the amount you are willing to pay. The majority of the traders in South Africa begin with the Real Account because of its viability. Once you have an account, it will offer you access to over seventy assets to place trades on.

The app also offers a VIP Account, but with a minimum deposit of $3,000. Even though the amount seems to be quite high, it is nothing compared to that required by most others brokers, especially when you will be provided with additional benefits. On having this account, you will have the benefit to work with a personal account manager. The professional will assist you in deriving the best out of your account, whereby maximising the potential of the trading methods. Simultaneously, a VIP account gives you the chance to receive up to 60% of the amount that you have invested.

As for banking, there are a number of options available for the deposit, including Cash U, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Credit Card and WebMoney. However, it is recommended to keep the deposits and trading amounts low when it is your first time. But don’t be disappointed if you lose some amount initially as everyone who is in the learning process goes through such downs in binary options trading.

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Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions