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Fractals in binary Trading Options

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Technological advancements have transformed trade options. binary options are fast gaining popularity among many investors. A binary trading option is a financial option which enables users to make a yes or no prediction. In order to succeed in binary trading, many people are incorporating fractals. Fractals assist traders in making trading decisions. The outcome of the prediction determines whether one gets the money or loses.

What is a fractal?

A fractal is an arrow or a chart that appears at the bottom or top of a chart. Fractals are often used to indicate price reversal. There are two types of fractals.

1. Up-fractal
2. Down fractal

An up fractal appears at the top of the trading chart and indicates a fall in prices. A down fractal emerges at the bottom of the chart. It indicates a rise in prices.

Even though experts rate binary trading options as the simplest trading option, traders should have a master plan in order to succeed. Below are the top 5 beginner tips for binary options for South African Traders.

1. 5 Minute Principle
This strategy offers no surety of success. However, it is simple for new traders in South Africa to navigate through. Traders do not need to deposit a huge amount of capital. This strategy enables traders to buy options from brokers for 5 minutes before they expire.
Traders search through for a constantly thriving asset in the market or one that is depreciating as well as its utmost value. Monitoring this trend is likely to lead beginners towards making a correct prediction.

2. Martingale
This strategy is rated among the top 5 beginner tips for binary options because it is considered safe with minimum risks. This strategy involves doubling trade amounts after a loss in the preceding trade.

3. Diversification
South African traders should learn to predict when a specific strategy is bound to produce positive results. Remember the market determines the results of the applied strategy.
Traders can experiment with more than one of the top 5 beginner tips for binary options to minimise chances of incurring a loss.

4. Triangle
The triangle strategy makes it simple for traders to determine the rise and fall of prices. There are three types of triangles in binary trading that traders in South Africa should understand. They are;

1. Symmetrical Triangle
2. Ascending triangle
3. Descending triangle

5. 15 Minutes Strategy
If traders in South Africa opt to go for the 15-minute strategy, they will need to incorporate intuitive terminals. This enables them to trade and follow the progress on different charts.


Fractals help traders decide on whether to place a call or put trade. Fractals appear in the form of a five candle arrangement. The point at which the fractal appears determines whether the market is bearish or bullish. Fractals do not remain constant. Their movement depends on the markets trends.

Comprehending how fractals operate in binary trading options can be complicated. However, constantly monitoring them in the charts can provide beginners with insight. The inconsistency of fractals can push traders to make uninformed decisions. Observing different fractal changes can present traders with better opportunities to get success.

Beginners in South Africa can gain a lot by striving to understand how fractals operate. Fractals offer important guidance to traders enabling them to determine possible asset price change.

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Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions