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Everything you need to know about IQ Option bonuses

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The majority of the traders who do not have sufficient trading experience generally prefer to use an option wherein they can trade for free. This serves an outstanding way to get some experience without having to risk your money, considering that most digital options trading brokers offer demo account to the tradersOne of such broker is IQ Option. In fact, they offer free bonuses to help you move on with trading. These bonuses can be acquired either by opening an account or sometimes by referring a friend to the website.

Bonuses can give a great kick start to a users trade. They motivate the traders and help them to get ahead in the competition. IQ Option is an incredible platform, providing ample opportunities to get success. In fact, higher payouts are the mark of a successful trade. If you are willing to invest in digital options trading, then you should know about what IQ Option bonuses policy is. Read on to know more.

What is IQ Option Bonus?

South African traders should not, however, consider the bonuses as only an opportunity to receive free money that can be withdrawn whenever they want. Often, due to such expectations, they end up losing their bonus. So, they should rather see it as a start-up investment from brokers.  Not to forget, if the traders do not use these extras carefully, then they could end up losing money. Actually, brokers started giving bonuses to match up with the prevailing competition in the market. However, a 100% bonus can be given only by a reputed broker.

These bonuses are offered at different stages of digital options trading. One of the commonest bonuses is the welcome bonus. This is provided as soon as the traders deposit an amount into their account. However, if you find any problem with your bonus, you can always contact customer support executives as they can guide you well to make the best use of these free funds.

Different Types of Bonus

IQ Option bonuses are of different types. Now, you must be wondering how these extras are classified. Simple! They vary based on the amount deposited by the trader in South Africa. An individual who has begun with an initial amount of $100, may get an offer of a 20% bonus. Regardless of what your bonus amount is IQ Option broker will provide you with the benefit of getting bonuses. For example, if you deposit $5,000, you can receive a bonus of 100%, whereas someone depositing $2,000 is likely to get a bonus of 90%. Well, the amount can be deposited through Visa or Mastercard. Of course, you have bonuses to support your trade. But yes, you should still have a good method to be a successful digital options trader.

What can You Get from IQ Option Bonuses?

IQ Option provides high bonuses to every trader in South Africa. So, you expect to receive same bonuses for even a minimum investment of $10. Well, this is applicable only to IQ Option and a few other brokers. In a case of other brokers, they might just withhold the bonus from you until you are investing $15,000 or even more.

If you want to understand what IQ Option is and how IQ Option bonuses are so rewarding, you need to know their account system. They use different accounts in order to reward the traders. In contrast to what the others do, they use only two accounts and offer higher bonuses even for small investments. This is why you can even start with a minimum investment of $10. Even if you start with the minimum amount, IQ Option will offer you real account that can get you a deposit bonus of 80%. Well, this is indeed a unique offer.

Firstly, with $10, you cannot get a real account with the majority of the brokers. Secondly, in order to acquire an 80% bonus, most brokers will ask you to deposit $10,000 approx. When you combined both aspects, you will surely find IQ Option’s account to be one of the most powerful accounts. However, IQ Option’s VIP account is even more powerful than the real account of IQ Option.

Besides tall hat, IQ Option has been kept simple and easily accessible to the South African traders. To begin with, they just need $10 to start with and that’s it. Like other digital options brokers, this one too offers the opportunity to trade in market indices, stocks, forex and commodities. The only thing is that the range of assets covered by this broker isn’t very wide. However, to make up for this, they provide the highest returns in the industry.

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The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


With IQ Option bonuses by your side, you can expect a maximum payout ratio of 91 percent. Presently, no other broker could come close to what IQ Option is offering to their traders in South Africa.

IQ Option Bonus: Review

When starting digital options trading, things might turn out to be quite difficult, especially when it is about getting access to a huge sum of money. This is because you can’t really be sure as to how your trades might turn out to be. Getting a bonus at this moment would be like finding a treasure suddenly. The brokers give a dramatic opportunity to the South African traders, giving them the amount and assisting them in analysing the trade.

Usually, traders get accounts allowing bonuses between 35% and 100%. To a trader in South Africa, it is recommended, to begin a deposit that provides at least 50% bonus so that the equity would remain under the control of the trader. In order to withdraw the amount from the trade, you might find 100% bonuses more alluring. However, in that case, you should rest assured about the repute of the broker. Now, IQ Option bonuses undoubtedly come from one of the most reputed platforms in the industry. And IQ Option offers as high as 100% bonuses on high amounts, which no other broker does.

Closing Statement

IQ Option offers the best trading conditions to the South African traders. So far, no other brokers have been able to match their standards. Moreover, their minimum deposit requirement has made digital options trading easily affordable for all sorts of traders.

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Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions