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IQ Option Compared To Opteck 2020

  • Broker Name: IQ Option
  • Min. Deposit: $10
  • Min. Investment: $1
  • Max Returns: 91%
  • Regulated: Yes
  • Regulated: Yes
  • Regulated: Yes
  • Regulated: Yes
  • Regulated: Yes
  • Regulated: Yes
  • Opteck
  • $250
  • $25
  • 85%
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

This research includes understanding how different binary options brokers work before choosing whether to trade with them or not. This is a comprehensive comparison between IQ Option and Opteck. After reading this article, the South African traders can make informed choices regarding the two binary brokers.

IQ Option

If you are looking for easy to start and easy to run free trading accounts and a platform that keeps you fully ?informed about the possible risks and benefits in advance, has high turnover rates and a wide access to assets, then you should choose none other than IQ Options. If you are a binary options trader in South Africa, looking for these aspects, then IQ Options is the best platform for you.

IQ Option is a binary options broker that offers two types of accounts, which are as follows:

  • The VIP account
  • The basic Account

binary options traders in South Africa can open the basic account whose minimum operating deposit is $10. Experienced South African traders have the choice of the VIP account whose minimum deposit is $3,000.

IQ Option provides binary options traders with a stable platform, which displays charts in real time. Like many other legal binary brokers, IQ Option is regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). This guarantees customer security as they carry out binary options trade in South Africa and elsewhere.

The minimum amount for each deal is $1 while the minimum deposit is set at as low as $10. binary options traders in South Africa should invest where there is a possibility of a high return IQ Option boasts of a 90% profitability rate. VIP account holders can enjoy up to 95% of profits.

IQ Option provides the convenience of being able to trade from anywhere. This is made possible by the provision of a mobile app, a desktop app or by the web version.

The IQ Option app is also very easy to use. Should traders in South Africa have any challenges, IQ option platform provides a number of video tutorials to offer training on the trading of binary options.

How IQ Option Works

As mentioned above, trading on IQ options is very easy. It can be broken down in two easy steps;

  • Predict the possible market direction in future i.e. is it going to rise or fall?
  • Look at the accuracy of the prediction and see the possible profits within a few seconds.


Since its inception in 2011, Opteck has recorded high success rates in binary options trading. Opteck has managed to create the impression of trust and reliability for all binary options traders.

Unlike many other brokers, Opteck has a realistic platform, specifically designed for the purpose of binary options traders. Opteck has a wide clientele base in over 90 countries all over the world with the US traders as the only known exemption. South Africa is among these 90 countries.

Like IQ Option, Opteck is also run under the regulations of CySEC. This reduces the chances of it scamming its customers.

How Opteck Works?
The traders among the South African option traders need to know that Opteck has six categories of accounts. The classification of these accounts depends on the initial deposit.

Here is an overview of what each account type entails:

Black Account
Black account is for those binary option traders who are willing to deposit amounts between $10,000 and $24,000. Black account holders can enjoy the following facilities among others:

  • A review of the market analysis on a day to day basis, these can be sent via email.
  • A demo on how to trade binary options on the Opteck platform
  • Starting off tips from an account manager
  • A 100% bonus
  • An average of 45 signals every day
  • Live chats and phone calls as part of the customer service
  • Sessions with an analyst
  • Hotline assistance

Green Opteck Account
South African traders willing to make a deposit of between $250 and $499 can become the green account holders at Opteck. This account has the following in offering:

  • A daily review of the market trends
  • A bonus of up to 25%
  • A binary options e-book
  • Live customer service
  • A number of video tutorials

Platinum Account
binary options traders in South Africa need to make a deposit of $10,000-$24,000 in order to qualify for the platinum account on the Opteck platform. Here is what they will get in return:

  • An binary options e-book
  • An average of 35 signals each day
  • Auto alerts on any upcoming market activities
  • Daily market trends review and analysis sent via e-mail
  • A bonus of up to 85%
  • Profits of up to 1% more on reach trade
  • A number of tutorial videos and a demo account for practice purposes.

Silver Account
Make a deposit of $1,000-$4,999 and become an Opteck silver account holder in South Africa. Under this account type, you will enjoy:

  • About 15 signals every day
  • A daily analysis of the market
  • An e-book
  • Enjoy 45% bonuses
  • Sessions with account managers
  • Live customer service

Bronze Account
Bronze account holders make a deposit of between $500 and $999 and they get to enjoy;

  • Tutorial videos with several courses as well as a demonstration account
  • 35% bonus
  • Market analysis on a daily basis
  • Customer care services, which include emails and phone calls
  • A chat session with an account manager

Gold Account
This is the highest ranked account on Opteck binary options broker. South African binary options traders can deposit amounts between $5,000 and $9,999 and become gold account holders in South Africa.

A gold account holder can enjoy the following:

  • At least 25 signals daily
  • A number of webinars related to market liquidity and trading psychology
  • Auto updates on upcoming market activities
  • Daily analysis of the market
  • 65% bonuses
  • Profits of 1% more on reach trades

How to Trade With Opteck

On top of the different account types, Opteck provides a number of quick options, namely range, one touch and high/low. One touch and range are said to offer good payouts that are above 100%. Although other option types have longer expiry periods, the quick option offers thirty seconds to one hour range.

Trading with Opteck is straightforward. Here is a break-down of how it happens:

  • A trader chooses the commodity he wishes to trade in
  • Choose the expiry date i.e. when the option will end
  • Predict whether the prices will be higher or lower

Range and one touch options have set time limits when the prices should go up or down. If, as a South African trader, you believe that this will happen in the set time frames, then you should invest in it. Regular options require a minimum trade of $25 and a maximum of $10,000. This is a good option for huge investors.


There are a number of vital statistics that should be put into consideration before choosing the best broker to do business with. These vital statistics include minimum deposits, bonus offers as well as the possible earnings.

Not many binary options brokers want to invest where the chances of making profits are uncertain. IQ Option provides account holders with the information of the possible outcomes, keeping them informed prior to any deposits. It does not charge profit fees and does not charge any fees from you for opening an account.