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Binary and binary options are prohibited in EEA.
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Binary Options South Africa

A strike is the entry point on the market. For example, in binary options, a strike is the price of the position of the chart for the actual moment, and binary options it’s possible to choose the most profitable strike level your self.

At any time you have 22 strikes to choose from. The number of strikes showed on the platform can vary depending on the scale of the chart and how the situation on the market is. The yield in binary Options is directly dependent on risks, so that’ll say the maximum profit on this instrument is increased to 900%.

The option to purchase multiple options for another expiration time, along with a lot of strikes, opens up a large number of opportunities for the trader. For example with the help of binary Options is now possible to create new positions in advance. This will give you the option to enter the market with a clearly successful position, but with a smaller percentage profit, du ti understand risks compared to conventional options.

When trading binary Options the trader has the opportunity to sell the position before expiration. But not later than 20 seconds before the on of the transaction, and also depending on the current price. It’s possible to either get a profit of getting some of the invested funds back.

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