IQ Option Starting Guide

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice.

South African traders, like anywhere, will want to be cautious and select a brokerage firm that offers quality services and has the clients’ interests in mind. Here are some basic tips that will assist you in manoeuvring among the binary options trading world.

Simplicity is Key
Aim to adopt a simple method that allows you to make simple trading decisions. For a new trader, going for the complex asset trades might prove to be detrimental to your binary option endeavour.

Choose a good broker
Go for a brokerage firm that is officially registered. Before deciding on opening an account, research on the broker and also check out the list of assets that they gave to offer. Ensure that the brokerage firm has the asset that you are passionate about investing.

Have a trading method
Do not attempt to trade blindly. Survey the market, do research, and come up with a method. Successful trading translates to constant, numerous profits. Random trading will, more likely than not, cause you to lose investments, and you will also not be able to determine the cause of your fluctuations in profits.

Keep a trading journal
From your first asset trading experience, document everything that influences your investment in the trade. Be sure to also note the outcome of every trade that you make. This will enable you to duplicate successful trades for future purposes.

Go for the correct asset and binary option
Learn the market and go for the assets that will bring you more profits than losses. Do not be convinced to trade on hearsay “successful” assets. Perform a market research and determine which asset is commonly traded.


IQ Option provides a platform that introduces a new level of binary trading options with an innovative interface, which has also been extended to the mobile device. Using the above-mentioned tips carefully, South African traders should be able to delve into asset trading and take 100% advantage of a profitable venture.